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A tranquil weekend drive in the village greens, lush meadows, aqua blue fisheries ends at our home stay at quaint Jharkhali island of typical settlement of fishermen and honey collectors who have diversity in their local art, culture and way of life- how man and tiger coexist in such a different terrain. This is directly connected by road with Kolkata city- 96 km. only. We have car parking & driver accommodation. We are opposite to Dobanki, at the centre of Sundarban- a major tourist attraction. We have transportation facility.


We provide a.c. & non a.c. all view facing luxurious boutique apartment, suite, cottage, hut and tent with all modern facilities like conference room, group kitchen, library, children park, pet corner, gift shop, boating, angling, indoor game, channel music, coffee corner and restaurant to pass your leisure time. Swimming pool, auditorium will be ready soon. We show documentary film on Sundarban & live rural folk song. Tiger rescue centre (only in Sundarban), butterfly garden, jetty- all are adjacent and within walking distance.

We have our own dress-code, hospitality, food habits, culture, tradition etc. which sharply differs from other states of our country.  This is one of the major specialties we have and we utilize this in our tourism sector. To attract foreign and Indian tourists our effort is to re-establish/ implement rural and regional ethnic Bengali hospitality, food, tradition, culture in our tourism. Simultaneously we have continental dishes keeping in mind to facilitate foreigners. We are thankful to those who give effort to fulfill our aims.

A thrilling and enchanting journey which minder through narrow creeks, estuaries and dense forest where you experience close to nature- the amazing and magical Mangrove and feel breathtaking ambiance of wild Bengal, where the Royal Bengal Tiger will come to meet you.

Our luxurious motorized boats are here to show the mysterious and magnificent aqua terrestrial world full of amazing thrills and adventures chills down your body.

Reconnect with untouched nature, virgin beaches, unfold wildlife- feel it’s freedom and enjoy the peace in mind and stay in the wild & rural ambiance of Bengal. We have many packages including day excursion tour, adventure, nature, bird watching & educational tours. We also arrange Ganga Sagar and Sundarban combined tour, Kolkata city accommodation- interested guests are requested to contact us over telephone or what’s app at +91 9748831356 & 9734632216 or mail us at

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You are here to visit:

1. The largest mangrove forest and biosphere reserve in the World.

2. Situated at the largest delta in the World – the Gangetic delta of holy river Ganga.

3. Here the difference of water level in tidal effect is 7 meters and occurs twice daily.

4. This is also the largest colony of the Royal Bengal Tiger.

5. Finalist of the new 7 Wonders of the World.

6. World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO.

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Namaskar (Welcome)

“Atithi Narayana Bhava”, Atithi means guest, Narayana is one of the supreme Hindu god, Bhava means likely. We the Hindu people consider our guests as god and provide best Bengali hospitality to you all.

Probably we are the first family in effort to establish such rural and regional ethnic Bengali hospitality, food, tradition, culture in our tourism. We shortly introduce “Palki” ride to enjoy the ancient transportation system of rural Bengal. We have “Salti” row boat to facilitate the unique fishing mode of rural Bengal.

Dear guests, please consider our home stay as a home away your home. It’s different.

Dhanyabad  (Thank you)


Considering location from farthest north to farthest south the places are given.


Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve

Interpretation and reedley turtle breading centre, crocodile and water monitor pond and watch tower to observe wildlife at north most location


Wildlife sanctuary and tiger reserve

Sajnakhali Wildlife Sanctuary is a 362 km2 area in the northern part of the Sundarbans delta . The area is mainly mangrove scrub, forest and swamp. 


Tiger reserve, adjacent to the core line

Wildlife watch tower, where the canopy walk inside the forest chills down your body and experience wildlife- how they live in & getting panoramic view of Mangroves.


A tranquil drive in the village greens 

A tranquil drive in the village greens through motor able road ends in the quaint island at the centre of the amazing eco terrestrial mangrove forest.


Beside core line of the tiger reserve

A thrilling and enchanting river cruise through narrow creek and dense forest during high tide. Experience close to nature- the magical mangrove and feel breathtaking ambiance of the sunset/full moon by nature cruise with us.


Tiger reserve inside core area

Historical architecture and wildlife watch tower within core area, where every possibility to visit the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Bonny Camp

The core line of tiger reserve

The boat will meander through narrow creeks, which will be more like an adventure sport complete with uncertainties/ natural thrills. Watch tower to observe wildlife.


Near wild virgin beach

Watch tower to observe wildlife and Bon Bibi temple.


Crocodile Colony

A very new place near sea face of Bay of Bengal but not yet opened for the tourists. The spot is under construction stage.


Wild Virgin Beach

Magnificent wild beach at the sea face of Bay of Bengal at south most location. The place where the Royal Bengal Tiger taking sea bath can be seen.

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A wonderful experience, attentive staff and always at the disposal of tourists / clients. During the stay, we had only beautiful things, attentive staff, impeccable accommodation, food and beverages, from varied categories, for all tastes. Performances and evening entertainment both at the Sundarban was nice .

David Lorem

I had an unexpectedly successful holiday. The choice of stay was very good, being one that offers everything you need for a pleasant holiday. The staff was very receptive, kind and attentive. The food was great for everyone. Transport to the most important points of interest was smooth & tranquil. Thank you for a wonderful holiday.

Linda Guthrie

I always stayed away from the Jungle Safaris. I never wanted to spend a fortune on a wild stature. Out of curiosity I turned to an invitation call from one of my Indian counterpart for a visit to the Sundarban’s. I was very much on a dilemma about my experience for this unexpected stature of invitation. What not to say I would like to cherish the most lovely experience of a tranquil, virgin ambiance of the resort and the lively as well as homely attitudes of the people around us. I would definitely like to visit again & again in the same location.

Cynthia Henry


Mangrove Wild Home Stay


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P.S-Jharkhali Coastal

Dist.-South24 Parganas

State-West Bengal,India


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